Virtual AI consultant for your e-commerce

Plug in your Shopify, Wix, or other platform and let a professional AI consultant sell your products.

About Loki

We present you Loki, a revolutionary virtual AI seller that brings the expertise of a knowledgeable consultant to your fingertips. Whether in the form of a chatbot, voice assistant, or virtual avatar, Loki is designed to provide you with a personalized shopping experience that rivals interacting with a physical consultant in a store.

Loki understands you in the same way a human consultant would, interpreting your queries and requests in natural language form. By analyzing your absolute intent, Loki identifies and presents upselling opportunities, helping you maximize your revenue and find the products or services that best suit your needs.

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Our Journey

Back in 2017, after graduating from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, we embarked on a mission to implement this groundbreaking concept. Unfortunately, at the time, the AI technology wasn't advanced enough to fully realize our vision. Fast forward to today, and the landscape has changed dramatically. With the latest advancements in AI and with your help, we are confident that we can build the next AI decacorn!

Join us on this exciting journey as we push the boundaries of AI technology and revolutionize the way people interact with virtual assistants.